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Developer: CDO Apps
Publisher: CDO Apps
| Available on: iOS + Android


Play as Gorzbul, an alien fascinated by the mankind civilization, and decode transmissions from Earth to discover more about humans.Gorzbul's poor knowledge in his own decoding technology will require a kind artificial intelligence named "AI" to support you in your journey, and help you match the files received. A cosmic and challenging narrative adventure that you won't forget!

Silly Memory features:
● An exciting original gameplay, mixing memory, speed, and logic!
● Story Mode: Experience Gorzbul's silly adventure through 30 challenging levels.
● Endless Mode: Get the highest score in this infinite mode.
● Challenge Mode: Reach the top of the leaderboard and get rewarded every week!
● Develop 4 different technologies to become the best space decoder.
● Having a rough patch ? Use Dedocools to get a little support in the toughest missions.
● 7 characters to discover, all crazier than each other!
● A humorous narration.

Silly Memory is also available for iMessage: it embeds 21 stickers. They are easy to use:
● Write a new message.
● Tap the App button.
● Tap the Silly Memory icon.
● Send any silly sticker to your friends!

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