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Dawn of Isles

Publisher: NetEase
| Available on: iOS + Android


Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer adventure game developed by NetEase. It's a brand-new world of vibrant and refreshing visuals, which offers a very unique gaming experience. You can build what you need with your own hands, utilize powerful elemental combos in combat, and match wits against your rivals and foes!


· Build Uncharted Islands!
- Use your Axe and Pickaxe to gather resources and begin constructing from the ground up.
- Develop workshops, pits, and piers to produce, process and sell products.
- Plant and harvest crops, or "borrow" some from your neighbors...

· Create Amazing Items!
- Infuse flasks with Elemental Spirits and release the primal power of nature.
- Produce quality fishing rods try to land cunning fish.
- Prepare delicious feasts that will tingle the taste buds.

· Tame Incredible Pets!
- Roam the fantastical landscape with exotic pets.
- Learn the way of the Hunter's Guild and dance with pets in the Flower Circle.
- Nourish and care for your animal companions, and unleash their potential with Pet Skills.

· Challenge Devious Foes!
- Choose from an array of weapons and skills for a variety of combat styles.
- Observe how the environment interacts with the elements and take full advantage of it to gain an edge in battles.
- Discern the weakness of fierce monsters, deal a fatal blow and claim huge rewards.