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Rift Of Raigard

Publisher: Dun Rite Games
| Available on: iOS + Android


RoR is the first mobile, base builder, strategy game that adds competition to a story driven experience.

Raigard is at war and you must choose a side:

The Folklords - Kings & Queens of Cassorith and guardians of Raigard. They fight to restore the rift and bring peace back to their war-torn world.
The Gremlochs - Lords of Varni Ki and rulers of the vile and undead. They swarm the world like locust, bearing darkness and sickness to those who resist.
The Coalites - Emperors of Oronox and masters of machines. They seek to drain the world of all it's resources, pillaging anything in their path.
Once sworn into your guild you will begin the war for the Triosphere. For whomever controls the Triosphere controls Raigard.

Choose your path:

Embark on a campaign filled with twist and turns, rich backstories, and unique terrain. Learn how the rift came to be and ensure that your guild will be the one to control the Triosphere.

Or go to war:

Join/create guilds. Recruit players. Challenge your friends. Create bitter rivals then set out to destroy them. Watch as your enemies fall while your guild rises to the top of the leaderboards.

ROR is for everybody - from the casual players to the competitive gamers; including those who enjoy stellar art, unique gameplay/mechanics, and folklore that'll expand several games.

So ask yourself… Who will you fight for?