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Star Harvest

Developer: Calin Matney (iPad)   +   Calin Matney (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS

About Star Harvest

Star Harvest is an arcade style, top-down game about... well, harvesting stars!


As an employee of the glorious conglomerate Star Harvest Inc, it is your job to harvest the energy given off by the horrible heat-death of a star gone supernova. In order to get that energy, you'll need to feed all the bits of matter you can find in the system to that star. The increased mass will then cause the star to EXPLODE! No really, we've done the research and the science totally checks out.

Take on contracts, earn space moneys, and upgrade your ship (at a generous 0.0001% company discount).

Your only opposition is the meddlesome Galaxy Defense Force. Their feeble ships will try to stop you (emphasis on the word try) but they only delay the inevitable. DOOM!!!


+ top-down, arcade-style action
+ randomly generated levels
+ 6 contracts/game modes to take on. More to come.
+ 1-3mins playtime per game
+ GameCenter Integration

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