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Publisher: Clayburger
| Available on: iOS + Android

About Hopply

Become the master jumper of all time!

Hopply is a casual endless flat platformer with lovingly handmade graphics from clay. Simple addictive gameplay tests your timing skills. Travel through a rich, colorful, never-ending environment. It's super challenging, but fun for all ages. For girls, boys, whole family & everyone else! And best of all, it's totally FREE!

Unlock new carefully crafted clay jumpers that will make every new round a new adventure. Jump right into this fresh flat platformer hopper game!

- Fast and easy play
- High replayability
- Test your timing skills
- Easy to start, difficult to master
- An endless, colourful self-generating world
- Unique playable heroes to choose from
- Achievements! Complete every quest!
- Challenging, but fun for any age
- Free game, no pay to play, no pay to win!

Upcoming Features:
- Daily challenges
- New worlds and environments!
- Collect new heroes
- New obstacles and dangers
- Time attack! Go as far as you can in limited time
- Global high score ranking
- New environment elements! Winter, autumn and spring seasons
- Unique powers for each character
- Collectible powerups
- Collect new flowers as you level up