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Clash for Dawn

Publisher: Ledo (US) Interactive Ltd.
| Available on: iOS + Android


A thousand years ago there was a great battle where the Chosen One fought back the Dark Lord single handedly. The Dark Lord was defeated, but the Chosen One was mortally wounded and scattered his power across the world so that when the day the Dark Lord recovered he would face not one, but thousands of Chosen Ones. You have been chosen, will you answer the call?

Now the once majestic land of Midgard lies in ruin. In every corner of the land, a fierce war rages between the realms of man, elf, and the chaotic hordes of the Underworld. The survivors tell of how an army born of Hell itself cut a bloody path to the holy city of light, Luxis, slaughtering all who stood in the way.

In mankind's darkest moment a miracle is granted. The Gods gifted a handful of noble knights with the power of divine light. The knights formed factions under their empowered generals; The Brotherhood of Light, and The Order of Light.

You must fight back the armies of the Underworld while some of those around you seek power and form secret alliances with humanity's enemies. All the while, new danger threatens to overwhelm the realm with fire and fury; the dragons.

It will take quick wits and great skill to discover the truth behind the dragons’ resurrection and fight back the dark forces aligned against the races of Midgard. Join the battle as a Warrior, Archer, Mage, or Priest. Hone your skills, form alliances, and bring light to the realm. Prophecy is coming to fruition and the next chapter of this epic war is beginning.