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Developer: shovelware games
| Available on: iOS + Android


Zombie Match Defense is a Match-3/Lane Defense game. Yes, that's a really weird mash-up of two very popular genres that don't seem like they would work together. This game is actually the result of a bet to do just that, but that's a story for another time. The point is, they DO work well together. Scroll down to see the award(s) we've won and read some quotes from websites you've heard of!


- New tactics on top of familiar match-3 gameplay. Stop the zombie progress by matching the brain they're munching on.

- All the action takes place in the match field, no filling mana bars or missing action happening elsewhere.

- No time pressure, play at your own pace. The encroaching horde of zombies is very polite and only moves after you do. Take time and think tactically.

- Deploy bonus items to your team so they can stave off any zombies you couldn't remove by matching.

- It's really silly. One of the items is a frozen drink that gives the zombies brainfreeze.

- For less than the price of some lives in another game, you can own this one and play it forever! No additional IAP.

- It's got zombies! Zombies aren't played out yet, are they? Right? Guys? Crap.


***WINNER*** - Pocket Gamer's Very Big Indie Pitch (San Francisco, 2015)

***RUNNER-UP*** - My mom's favorite game (She really likes solitaire)


"The idea of making 'Plants vs. Zombies with match-3' is so clever I can't believe nobody has done it before." - TouchArcade

"Zombie Match Defense is a Match-3 Game That’s (Wait for it) Legitimately Interesting"
- 148Apps

"Zombie Match Defense a fun, bright, enjoyable game already, with a quirky visual humor." - Cult Of Mac