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Publisher: Henry Gosuen
| Available on: iOS + Android


This is a "Inverted" Space Invaders game made by Henry Gosuen.

Be in the space with tons of problem:
No Gas
No Ammo
No Lucky
Tons of bullets chasing you
Manic Shooter bosses

"Perhaps a less crazed difficultly level would have allowed Space Spacy to chime with a wider audience." - PocketGamer
>Perhaps... but less difficultly? Never!!

* PocketGamer's Bronze Award game
* App of the day on AppZoom
* AppStore featured in 118 countries

"It’s heavy on risk, doused in a kind of hardcore gaming brutality, but has a compelling edge that will have you coming back for more." 7/10 - Craig Grannell [PocketGamer]

"A space game for lovers of retro games" 7.8/10 - Anna Grace [AppZoom]
9.0/10 User review

"I also have to mention the humour in this game. It is something we (unfortunately) rarely see today (...) Looking at the game as a whole, I can say it is a complete and good product. It has an innovative gameplay, employs the device’s hardware in an unusual manner and executes it perfectly." - Sid James [Soomla]

A game single developed by Henry Gosuen 「warchild14」
Awesome music by: VHS Glitch