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Developer: Steve O'Gorman
Publisher: Steve O'Gorman
| Available on: iOS

About Capitalism Quest

Just a heads up that Capitalism Quest will be temporarily pulled from the App Store in January. The game will continue functioning until the end of the month.

Due to the shutdown of Parse, work needs to be done to keep the game alive past that point, and at present I just don't have the time.

But I promise I won't abandon this game! I love it dearly!


How will you be remembered? As a greedy monopolistic tyrant, or as a more charitable breed of capitalist?

Explore a vast and untouched online world, shared with all other players, then exploit its natural resources for your own gain! Claim valuable tiles to create sources of income, and shape the world in whatever image you see fit.

Just remember that the more you claim for yourself, the harder you make life for other players!


My fair free-to-play promise: No pay-to-win, with only optional decorative features.

Finally, as a one man development team, please continue to be understanding with my server capacity. Thanks!