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Ghost World
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Ghost World

Developer: Pink Dolphin (iPad)   +   Pink Dolphin (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS


- You can meet 100 different ‘Ghosts“ from all over the world in full motion comics!
- With a role-playing function, you can make your own animation with your own voice!
- A well-made production which was exhibited at the ‘Angoulême International Comics Festival’ in France, 2013!

Become the Hero of the comic yourself!
Listen and enjoy the animation with your dubbed voice.

What kind of Ghosts do you know about? You will be amazed at the variety of Ghost kinds in Ghost World.

In Ghost World, there are several kinds of living, scary, weird, funny and mysterious ghosts that you cannot even imagine. Ranging from vampires, zombies, gangsis etc., there are countless kinds of ghosts around the world.

In Ghost World, there are mysterious myths and stories about different kinds of ghosts all around the world. However, this does not make the game simply scary, but rather serves as a well-made educational app which provides knowledge about human perceptions towards ghosts, and the origin of each ghost. Hence, it aids to help learn the culture and tradition of those respective countries. Ok now, shall we enter the spooky, yet interesting world of Ghost World?

• It has a ‘role-playing’ function which enables creation of own animation with a dubbing of the user’s voice itself.

• It narrates stories of different ghosts starting from ghosts from the ‘Chinese dynasty’ to ghosts from the ‘Faust’ in English.

• Through a comic illustrating the country of birth, background and characteristics of ghosts, it helps educate the user about each country’s history and tradition.

• COMICS: It is in a comics version which can be seen by flipping the pages.

• MOVIE: It is in a full-motion comics version which enables users to meet the live characters.

• Role Playing: The user can experience the role of the characters in the animation through the user’s own voice dubbing.