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Publisher: Milestone Interactive Group
| Available on: iOS + Android

About Worbble

Play the AD FREE version of Worbble, the latest word game along with a fascinating quiz mode to challenge yourself.

Top rated trivia game on the Indian iTunes Store!


“With simple controls, and an attractive, undersea graphics theme, Worbble is a solid title for educating kids or just passing the time.”

"The graphics design is eye catching, especially the underwater environment is really cool. The sound effect is also good. All word game lovers will like this game. 5/ 5 for this game."
- iPad Apps Review Online

"If you are looking for a fun word game that makes you want to learn more, and challenges you to quickly find solutions, then this is the perfect game for you!"
- The iPhone App Review

“If you are into word games and like testing your spelling and General Knowledge skills give this game a shot.” - Digit

“The publisher deserves a thumbs up for creating such a fun, great looking and crisp game.” - The Mobile Indian

Experience the joy of bursting bubbles in a unique underwater environment by testing your vocabulary and general knowledge through the two modes: Word mode & Quiz mode. In all, it’s a fun mental exercise to keep your brain sharp!

There's always a free version. Try it out, it’s addictive! Find it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worbble-lite/id580437987?ls=1&mt=8

If you already have the free version, switch to the paid version. It’s easy!

Addictive Features-
•Play continuously or in short bursts of fun!
•Different backgrounds as you progress in the game
•Smooth as silk mechanics it’s sure to have you coming back time and time again.

Classic Mode:
•Worbble Lite has 5 easy levels.
•Come up with as many words as possible against the clock.
•Create clever combos and multiply your score
•Undo your last move and have another go!
•Now also has Facebook Leaderboard to challenge all your friends

Champion Mode:
•A new challenging mode with 15 levels.
•This mode comes with a twist! Words can be repeated throughout the mode.
•But! You can always Reset the mode to start afresh.
•A must try for those who love word challenges!

Quiz Mode:
•3,500+ questions covering varied categories such as – entertainment, sports, art & literature, history and many more.
•Hints – use the hints to get through tough questions. Don’t give up!
•Visit the store to buy more hints in the Quiz mode by clicking the hints icon
•Skips- and if you don’t want to waste your precious hints, you can skip the question altogether.
•9 new Quiz categories to choose from!

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We will continue to introduce new features in the game. The game will be updated regularly with tougher & more innovative word levels and more questions for the quiz mode.