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Developer: Lavafish Studios
Publisher: Coding Design
| Available on: iOS

About Zombie Bunnies

NOTE: This game is only compatible with the iPhone 4, iPod (4th Generation), and newer devices. Please ensure that you have an appropriate device before downloading this game.

When an experiment goes wrong, the Good Dr. Bunny is turned into the EVIL Dr. Hare. With hate in his heart and a lab full of bunnies, the Evil Dr. Hare turns his cute, cuddly and innocent bunnies into, cute, cuddly and lethal Zombie Bunnies!!!

Control Dr. Hare in his Bunny Ship (of Evil) and bring down the pain on unsuspecting citizens with your Zombie Bunnies. But watch out, the more destruction you cause the more violent the citizens become. They won't go down without a fight, so be crafty, be quick, and be deadly with your Zombie Bunnies!

* Dynamically generated levels mean no two play sessions will be the same.

* Physics based destruction keeps things fun and chaotic.

* The violence is cartoony, over-the-top and satisfying.

* 99 levels of difficulty means you'll never be without a challenge.

* Unlock and control 4 different Zombie Bunnies, each one with different attributes and abilities.

* Objective driven gameplay ensures you will keep coming back for more.

* Completing objectives helps you unlock ship upgrades, the better your ship, the more destruction you can do.

* Compete over LEADERBOARDS with the world for the best score and the most destruction (using Gamecenter).

* 32 ACHIEVEMENTS to keep you playing again and again (using Gamecenter).

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