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Publisher: Cope-Com
| Available on: iOS + Android + Xperia Play

About Battle Squadron ONE

In 1989 it received an amazing 109% rating... in 2012 it is the world's first 2-player split-screen shooter on iPad..

... Battle Squadron ONE, the Amiga legend, has finally arrived on iPhone/iPod/iPad !!





4.5/5 @
5/5 @
"Top App" @
"App der Woche" @
5/5 @
3/4 @ slide to Play
4/5 @
"Bronze award" @ Pocket Gamer
9/10 @ PushStart


After just a few weeks on the App Store an amazing 92% of 50+ players rated Battle Squadron ONE with 5 stars!! See for player comments.


The iOS version:
"A fantastic shooter which beats the vast majority of its modern day equivalents hands down!",
"Battle Squadron ONE is excellent gaming, folks. Do not miss it",
"I had a smile on my face a mile wide while I played the game",
"The split screen adaptation of this game is a fabulous addition",
"Those that love retro shooters will also enjoy this game incredibly",
"Can honestly say that Battle Squadron is probably my favorite 2D shooter of them all",

The original:
109% - "Now Battle Squadron is the best", Amiga Computing (2:10)
90% - "It's expert execution and addictive playability", Info (31)
87% - "It's rapid-fire animation, coupled with effective sound and a long running music track", The Games Machine (25)
90% - "Battle Squadron is so addictive that you just can't stop playing", The One Amiga (56)


Your mission: Earth has been long at war with the evil alien Barrax empire, with extensive losses on both sides. Your two fellow commanders, Mayers and Bergin, have been taken hostage by a Barrax Nova Cruiser and are held hostage on the alien Barrax home world, Planet Terrainia. You must destroy the Barrax home world to rescue your fellow commanders !!


- (World Premiere) 2-player split-screen on iPad: play with, or against your friends
- Game Center Achievements: 36 in total to earn
- Leaderboard updates with player comments (through Internet link)
- Numerous control options, including new 2x direct touch
- 4 fantastically detailed levels to fight your way through
- Scores of different enemies... watch out for the predator-like ones...
- 4 highly diverse "bosses" to defeat
- 24 different weapons (4 types of 6 grades each)
- Nova Missile for when you "get caught in a tight spot"
- 4 different difficulties ("Squadron Leader" is exactly like on Amiga)
- New über-difficulty mode: "Air Commodore"… with surprise ending
- Plays on all iOS 4.0 and up, including iPhone 3G and iPod 2nd generation
- And loads more...

So engage and destroy... "Welcome to Battle Squadron !!"