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Developer: Frost 3D (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS

About WarMen

In the year 2013 civil unrest across the globe pushes world leaders to merge the Police and Military into one force: Department of Control. A resort of United Nations that acquired secret technology, that was hidden from the public for decades.

Opposing it, is the resistance, composed out of former military members that refused to join the Department.
Marco is one of them, and the game tells his story.

We join Marco as he is deployed on a mission to destroy scrambler devices placed around the city.

While creating this game we wanted to reflect realism of an urban warfare, therefore the game is all about taking cover behind walls and other obstacles.

Game features:

- take Cover behind obstacles and hunt your enemies down.
- feel the fast-paced action and get carried away by the game's plot.
- explore 5 levels of pure unrefined fun.
- make good use of your handy UZI and stinger missiles.
- enjoy the intuitive controls.
- experience the dynamically lighted 3d environment.
- become blown away by an engine that pushes iPhone capabilities to the edge.

For fans of tactical shooters.

Shooting and view control:

- to shoot tap the screen.
- to look around touch the screen and slide.


- to move press forward.
- when you need to reload press "reload" on the menu.
- you can take cover and duck by pressing "crouch".
- if you want to change your weapon press "swap".
- to access the in-game menu press the cog icon.

Gameplay footage:


“The bold decision to automate the movements pays off in droves and makes this a remarkably accessible and intense third-person shooter - just what the iPhone needs”

Here is a PocketGamer bronze award review:

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