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Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense

Developer: ICS Mobile
| Available on: iOS

About Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense

**2009 Best Strategy Game Award Nominee**

Over 1M People are enjoying Navy Patrol, Time for you to join the Fun! Impressive! "The current download is a lot of fun and it looks like more chapters are on the way, making Navy Patrol a solid value" Navy Patrol Among The"5 Awesome iPhone Tower Defense Games" This game is just B-A-N-A-N-A-S! The level of quality and polish put in the game are just outstanding. The whole theme works because of the high level of execution.

Developed by ICS Mobile Your Daily Free App provider at!

Fully Unlocked Version:No Points Needed

Introducing Chapter VI:"Alone In The Dark"


** Introducing ICS Mobile's Breakthrough AWS™ Realtime 3D Fluid Simulation Engine

** Fully Integrated iPod Controls

** 3Warfare Styles:
√ Sea Level √ Undersea √ Aerial

**15 Unique Specials Incl:
√ Touch-Controlled Satellite Laser Attack
√ Accelerometer-Enabled "Storm" Special
√ Long Range Missile Barrage
√ Tsunami Wave Special
√ Bomber delivered Nuclear Strike Special

**Dynamic AI Pathfinding System
√ Enemy Ships dynamically adjust their path based on your turret placement adjustments

** 9 Unique Upgradable Offensive Turrets
√ Fighter Jets Equipped Airfield √ Large Cruisers √ Mines √ Machine Gun Turrets √ Missile Turrets √ Attack Submarines √Infrared Laser √Quantum Laser √Leach Orb

** 8 Enemy Forces Including:
√ Submarines √ Fighter jets Equipped Aircraft carriers √ Dreadnoughts √ FAS

**Turret Targeting System

**Embedded “Skills Tree System”

** 3 Difficulty Levels
√ Seaman, √ Lieutenant, √ Admiral

** 2 Fingers for Pinch Zoom & Sub and Battleship Turret Rotation
√ Place a second finger on the screen before dropping a sub or battleship turret to rotate it vertically or horizontally

** Endless Mode
√ Beat a level and the endless mode option for that specific level will appear during the next game session