Frog A Jump
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Frogs like to jump - at least, that's what their hind legs enable them to do, and I'm going to assume they also enjoy it as a pastime.

So, naturally, they lend themselves to a Doodle Jump-esque game of lilypad-leaping fun where the only goal is to climb ever upwards while eating flies.

Starting at the bottom of the screen, you'll make your froggy friend jump upwards, controlling how far left or right you travel to make sure you hit the next pad on the way up.

It isn't just a case of simply bounding upwards, though, as there's a variety of lilypads you could land on.

Some are sticky and require you to bounce again, others break easily, and others still move or bounce you ever higher. However, some can also kill you, meaning you lose one of your three lives.

There are also flies for you to collect on your way up, along with other enemies to avoid. If you grab enough flies, you'll be given power-ups to use that give you a little boost, change all the lilypads in a level for a short time, and so on.

It may not be the most original game in the world, but it looks nice and it's well made, meaning Frog A Jump is a great slice of fun for high-score seekers.

Frog A Jump

Simple yet effective gameplay that promises you a few minutes of fun but ends up pulling you in for far longer than you imagined