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WarioWare is among our favourite Nintendo franchises, and our hearts yearn for a new WarioWare release on Nintendo 3DS.

Until then, we've got Honeyslug's Frobisher Says. Like WarioWare, Frobisher Says throws a variety of quickfire mini-games at you, and rewards you for completing them as quickly as possible.

What's different, of course, if that Frobisher Says is a PlayStation Vita title. Similarities include hilarious fun and gameplay that's far too addictive for its own good.

Get out, Simon

Frobisher is a very strange multicoloured boy with a very British accent, and he's decided that you have to do exactly what he says.

His orders include frowning at badgers, blinking to make a naked man dance, drying a sausage dog by squeezing it, and jumping into a giant flan.

Frobisher Says may be the most unhinged game since Sensible Software's Wizkid. It's also hilarious, from the graphics and sound to the premises for the mini-games.

And the mini-games aren't just funny. They're also incredibly well-constructed and make canny use of the various capabilities of the PS Vita.

I say I say I say

The consequence of all this quickfire excellence is that Frobisher Says is highly addictive.

Every time you play you unlock more mini-games and watch your score ebb upwards. Games are brief enough that it's hard to resist the classic 'one more go'.

Online scoreboards add to the draw, with tables based on the game's two different modes - sudden death and set rounds.

If you feel like letting friends in on the party, it's possible to play against up to seven opponents at a time, with players taking it in turns to see who can get the highest score.


It's not all fun and games, however. There are moment of frustration.

Certain mini-games don't do a very good job of explaining how to play, and it takes a good few goes before you finally know what you're doing. Even then, some games aren't very intuitive, and I found myself restarting entire rounds when these games popped up.

And there's very little to do in Frobisher Says outside of the main mini-games Quickfire mode. You can check single mini-games and look at highscore boards, but that's about it. We'd love to see a sequel with added modes and options.

There are also no trophies with the game, either on the main download on or the DLC - which contains 15 extra mini-games.

Frobisher Says is a small but perfectly formed offering and a charming introduction to your brand new PS Vita. We hope this won't be the last we see of the flat-nosed freak.

Frobisher Says

Frobisher Says is an essential PS Vita download that perfectly shows off the console's various functionality
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