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Frisbee Forever

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Frisbee Forever

Sometimes a brand such as ‘Coke’ or ‘Hoover’ becomes so synonymous with a category of objects that it becomes the generic term for it.

Frisbee is another example of such a genericised trademark, but fortunately Kiloo Games has acquired the licence for this game, preventing it from being known by the less concise moniker of 'Flying Disc Forever'.

Although at first glance it may be seen as a glorified piece of advertising for Frisbee, Frisbee Forever is worthy of the licence to the treasured toy.


Rather than throwing a Frisbee aimlessly on a beach or in the park, you have to guide it through loops around various tracks and collect the stars that litter these stages. These bright and colourful tracks are located in themed worlds, which range from a theme park to the wild west, and are unlocked using the coins earned in the campaign.

The Frisbee can be controlled using either two virtual touchscreen buttons or tilt controls, which make use of the iPhone’s accelerometer. The tilt controls are responsive enough, but it can be difficult to keep balance.

Early tracks are reasonably simple to negotiate, but eventually new elements such as wind machines and tunnels are introduced, while tighter corners mean that more precise turning is necessary to acquire every star.

Momentum also grows increasingly important as the tracks become more complicated. In the later stages, missing just one loop can result in a terminal loss of speed. Occasional and sudden increases in difficulty can be frustrating, but this learning curve isn't steep enough to kill your enjoyment.

Fris-bee Good

At the end of each run, you're given an award based on your performance, with gold signifying that you've collected all the stars. Coins are awarded for every three stars you collect, even if you don’t complete the stage, and you can use these to purchase upgrades and new Frisbees.

Although the game is reasonably accessible, some tracks will require a few attempts to overcome, especially to earn a gold medal. However, given that you can earn coins from failed attempts, frustration rarely becomes a problem.

You can buy coins via in-app purchase if you're desperate to unlock everything immediately, but the game is entertaining enough that most will earn sufficient coins through normal play.

Frisbee Forever’s solid mechanics and vibrant visuals combine to create a game that is as fun as the product it's based around, while the inclusion of authentic discs will please fans.

Frisbee Forever

With plenty of levels and items to collect, Frisbee Fever is an enjoyable arcade title with surprisingly high production values