Fortnite's latest update re-introduces some fan favourite weapons

Fortnite's latest update re-introduces some fan favourite weapons

Legendary battle royale Fortnite has shown off what’s been in the recently released v20.40 update, featuring the return of the much-adored Sideways Weapons, the ability to vote with your Bars for the addition of a new item, and some changes to the popular Zero Build Mode, alongside a slew of other balance adjustments and server tweaks.

First up, is the return of the Sideways Weapons. Specifically, the Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun are coming back for the Sideways Showdown Week, which will take place from now until May 24th. These weapons were added a few seasons ago and loved by all, but with the Cube Monster gone, you’ll now upgrade them like any other weapon by taking them to the Upgrade Bench. There are also some additional XP Quests related to getting eliminations with these weapons, and they’ll be dropped from chests and normal ground loot, so be sure to grab ‘em!

As for the voting of the new item to be added, you’ll be given a certain amount of Bars as you play during this patch, and you can use those Bars to vote for the addition of the Shield Bubbles or Shield Balloons. These items were both in the game recently for a short period of time as a trial phase to see which is best for the meta, so be sure to make yourself heard and vote for your favourite.

Zero Build Mode will have a boosted drop rate of a few utility items indefinitely as well. The Shockwave Grenades, Rift-To-Gos, and the Cow Catchers will all drop more frequently in Zero Build from here on out. Finally, there are a few other quality of life additions as well as some additional props for use in Creative Mode and some balance adjustments. For full details, check out the official patch notes!

With all of this fresh new content and far more planned judging by how frequently Fortnite seems to add in new items, skins, and game modes, it’s a wonderful time to get involved. If you’re looking to do so, you can check it out on Android through the official Epic Games website!

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