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Flick Kick Rugby

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Flick Kick Rugby
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“Pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to. Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to. Let’s call the whole thing off.”

The fact that there's no recorded instance of anybody saying "pot-ah-to" notwithstanding, Gershwin’s famous song references the 'divided by a common language' conundrum between Americans and Brits.

Or it could just be about a disputed stew recipe.

Of course, one thing that divides us far more than dialect is sport. In its Flick Kick series, PikPok has even gone and made the same game twice in order to appeal to both sides of the transatlantic divide.

Flick Kick Rugby is, to all intents and purposes, Flick Kick Field Goal with a slightly different skin.

Darn good kicking

Of course, that means it’s very good. As with the American variant, the goal is to boot a bunch of ovoid balls between a couple of posts.

Swiping cleanly through the ball with your finger sends it goal-wards. Any deviation will send the ball off accordingly, so a steady motion is essential.

Unless, of course, you want to send it off line. Wind comes into play pretty frequently, meaning you have to kick into the wind in order to compensate for the effect it’ll have on the flight of the ball.

As with the previous game, three successful kicks in a row will set your ball on fire until your next miss, which grants you bonus points.

How do you get your kicks?

While the modes are also the same as in Flick Kick Field Goal (Arcade, Sudden Death, Time Attack, and Practice), there are some subtle differences. The main Arcade mode in Flick Kick Rugby sees you taking five kicks from each position rather than Field Goal’s three.

Also, these positions seem more varied, with a greater range of angles from which to kick. I’d argue that this makes Flick Kick Rugby marginally superior, but then I would say that.

Ultimately, it comes down to your preferred sport. One thing’s for sure, though – while both are fine games, deserving to be played even by non-sports fans, you don’t need both.

Tom-ay-to or tom-ah-to, then. Which is it?

Flick Kick Rugby

Essentially the same game as Flick Kick Field Goal, Flick Kick Rugby is an equally accomplished casual game. The lack of any major differences means you don’t need both
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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