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Finger Simulator

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Finger Simulator
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The sound of crickets chirping fill my earphones as a small, white hole appears over the screen's black backdrop.

Wait, what's that jutting out of the hole? A fingernail?

I prod it

Oh dear. It's a wobbly, wrinkly finger. Another hole appears horizontally across from it, so I guide it through. Naturally.

A new, or perhaps even the same finger appears above, practically begging to be pulled across the screen. I oblige.

How odd. Now it's appearing from below.

I flick it

It has now been stretched vertically across the screen to make an F. An arrow appears below.

I repeat this process eight times to construct eight letters, stubbing fingers occasionally by narrowly missing hole openings.

The O and C in particular, border on the obscene with their ghastly elongated fingers and overabundance of knuckles.

The sound backdrop has changed, birds twitter as if morning has sprung up. The screen remains dark, much like my mood.

I realise I have spelt out F-A-N-T-O-C-H-E. These letters appear before me, together.

Fantoche is an animation film festival, the twelfth iteration of which will be taking place from the September 2-7.

"Finger Simulator by Playables" appears on screen. Ah, that must have been a tutorial to showcase the engine. Let's move on.

I poke it

"Open link?" All that's left is an option to visit the developer's site. That was it.

I play through a few more times, to triple-check. No mistake.

Advertised on the App Store as a "fully featured finger simulator" I was hoping to manhandle digits for at least a few more minutes.

Considering the engine is already in place, it's a real shame this hasn't developed into a more mischievous mini game.

Expect an all-too-sudden climax with Finger Simulator; one without a happy ending at that.

Finger Simulator

Fnger Simulator is an intriguing, tactile tech demo, but that's all. Do not touch