The Charticle: The launch of Angry Birds Go!

The early reaction to Rovio first F2P release

The Charticle: The launch of Angry Birds Go!

Highlighted as Rovio's first from-the-ground-up free-to-play game, Angry Birds Go! has received plenty of attention.

Developed by UK studio Exient Entertainment, the downhill kart racing game launched globally in mid-December on iOS, Android (Google Play and Amazon), Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

High on downloads

Obviously, given Rovio's marketing muscle in the mobile market, the F2P title has been downloaded multiple millions of times.

On the App Store, it was the #1 most downloaded iPhone app in 104 countries and the #1 most downloaded iPad app in 150 countries.

What's much more interesting, however, is how the game has fared in terms of the top grossing charts.

As with its downloads, Angry Birds Go! has performed better on iPad than iPhone.

Angry Birds Go! performance on the US top grossing iPad chart - via App Annie

It's been the top grossing app in 24 countries on iPad, peaking at #9 in the US. On iPhone, it was the top grossing app in 8 countries, gaining a peak ranking of #17 in the US.

Angry Birds Go! performance on the US top grossing iPhone chart hasn't been as good as on iPad - via App Annie

On Google Play - a chart which typically takes more time to rise up than on iOS - Angry Birds Go!'s highest top grossing position in the US has been #45. It's not yet been the #1 top grossing app in any countries.

Angry Birds Go! performance on the US top grossing Google Play chart - via App Annie

Global spread

Focusing on the game's global spread, it's performed well in Russia (the #5 top grossing iPad app), and South Korea (#8)

Angry Birds Go! has been a hit in Russia - here we see the iPad top grossing chart, via App Annie

Looking deeper in Asia, the iPad version of the game also peaked at #29 in the Chinese top grossing chart and #35 in the Japanese chart.

Performance in the Korean top grossing iPad chart

Performance in the Japanese top grossing iPad chart

Performance in the Chinese top grossing iPad chart

Of course, Google Play is more important in Korea and Japan. The Android version of the game has peaked at #24 top grossing in Russia, #30 in South Korea but only #196 in Japan.

Google Play isn't available in China and there's no centralised data for its fragmented Android app store market.

Angry Birds Go!'s top grossing performance on Google Play in Korea has been significantly better than in Japan - via App Annie

Yet as most of the graphs show, the key concern for Rovio will be that while Angry Birds Go! has launched very well in terms of its first three weeks, it's now tracking downwards in terms of top grossing chart position, particularly on the more volatile App Store.

The promised multiplayer mode update can't come soon enough.

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