Hot Five: Nintendo's woes, Apple's iPad foes, and games journalism lows

Last week's top five stories

Hot Five: Nintendo's woes, Apple's iPad foes, and games journalism lows

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Fishing Joy franchise is generating $1.6 million a month in China

If a story about a game doing well does well itself, does that create some kind of internet paradox?

Regardless, news that Punchbox is having a rather good time of it over in China at the moment drew in the hits, with editor-at-large reporting that the firm's Fishing Joy franchise is pulling in $1.6 million a month.

"Fishing Joy 2 was the top grossing game for China Mobile during September 2012; generating 2.6 million RMB (around $420,000)," added Jordan.

"Indeed, across all its games, Chukong (the parent company of Punchbox) accounted for 4.5 percent of China Mobile's games revenue during September."

Opinion: It's now make or break for Nintendo

Nintendo's 3DS may have recovered from its rather sticky start, but it's still not exactly setting the world alight – especially outside of Japan.

Indeed, as a whole, Nintendo's business is looking less than healthy – first half losses of 27.9 billion yen ($350 million) making difficult reading for fans of the firm.

It's a situation that led Pocket Gamer editor-in-chief Kristan Reed to claim Nintendo currently faces "challenging times".

"While many gamers might admit they would quite like a 3DS, there aren't enough compelling reasons to own one," said Reed.

"Now that we've got the likes of Microsoft's Surface tablets rubbing shoulders with Amazon's Kindle Fire HD, and other newcomers like the Nexus 7 (and the 10), the iPad mini, and the beefed-up iPod touch - the 3DS isn't so much facing competition as being bullied mercilessly in the playground.

"There's only so long Nintendo can expect to stand up to the bullies. Eventually, it'll just end up at the foot of an unseemly bundle."

Infographic: Do you speak the same language as mobile gamers?

Just how valuable to a developer is good localisation?

In our latest infographic, Mike Cook delivered a series of stats designed to show the impact of a developer speaking the same language as their audience can have on a game.

Oh, and feel free to share it around if anything contained within strikes a chord.

With iPad 4 and iPad mini, Apple continues to lead the market, reckon the PocketGamer.biz Mobile Gaming Mavens

Last week saw our Mavens in fine form, as they took on the question of whether Apple still leads the tablet market with the likes of Microsoft and Google increasingly encroaching on its territory.

The general feeling? Yes, for the moment.

"The only thing I focus on is making great apps for Apple devices, the other devices are insignificant for us until we start seeing other companies sell more units than the equivalent rank on iOS," offered Bolt Creative's Dave Castelnuovo.

"In terms of being revolutionary, we are at a point in hardware where it's hard to give people the same amount of surprise they had when they first tried touch input, GPS or the accelerometer.

"There just simply isn't anything else on the near horizon that can make that kind of impact."

Opinion: 'Doritosgate' paranoia risks running games journalism into the ground

Little else has been in the mind of games journalists for the last couple of weeks than...well, games journalism. More specifically, the ethics of it.

The question of the relationships between journalists and both PR and developers – and the debate as to whether this impacts their coverage - has drawn a number of different answers from people this week, and we couldn't resist on having our say.

There's no guarantee that all those that clicked on it agreed with it – indeed, a sweep of Twitter would suggest there are plenty that don't – but feel free to check it out for yourself, and leave your own thoughts in the comments box below.

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