Chart of the Week: Tracking the rise of Xiaomi

Chinese Android OEM gaining ground

Chart of the Week: Tracking the rise of Xiaomi

Upcoming Chinese Android OEM Xiaomi is on a roll.

It recently announced 30 million users for its MIUI Android OS fork.

These are mainly purchasers of its high-end but cut-price Android devices, although you can download the OS to your Android device too if you so wish.

The company expects to keep growth going in 2014, and will be expanding outside China to other countries in southeast Asia, including Singapore.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons it's released an English language infographic, digging into its audience.

Going global

Indeed, it's keen to show that it already has global scale with users in 58 countries.

Of course, these are mainly in China, with Guangdong (aka Canton) the most popular location; not a surprise as it's the most populous region in China.

Next comes the capital Beijing, followed by Jiangsu, a high tech region including the cities of Nanjing and Suzhou.

One surprise, however, is that Shanghai ranks relatively low; perhaps because its inhabitants are more likely to have high-end devices from Apple and Samsung.

Going for games?

MIUI users don't seem to be primarily gamers, though.

Only Need for Speed and Temple Run 2 ranked in terms of the top 10 most used apps, although in August, the company claimed to be generating $1.5 million in gross revenue from games via its app store.

Similarly, only in the northeastern region of Liaoning is gaming listed as the top activity on MIUI.

[source: TechInAsia]

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