Farm Heroes Super Saga - it's like Farm Heroes Saga...but super

Farm Heroes Super Saga is yet another match three puzzler by King which, like its predecessor, challenges you to match a bunch of Cropsies to complete a level.

There is a bit of a story to proceedings this time though, as you have to try and stop Rancid the raccoon from cheating at the country show or messing with your Cropsies.

First thing's first

The first few levels offer up pretty standard match three fare. You swipe or tap to join three or more Cropsies together until your score is big enough to complete the level. Then you get three extra moves to give yourself a big boost in score.

Objectives quickly get introduced which spice up the gameplay though, and force you to match only specific Cropsies, direct nuts to that dastardly squirrel Fidget, or open flower heads dotted around the level.

Then there are mechanics that alter the way you play. The wind, for example, rolls all Cropsies in the direction of your swipes.

These objectives and mechanics quickly ramp up the difficulty, but you can counteract them by buying power-ups like watering cans and gardening gloves as an IAP.

You can also grab extra lives this way, or just beg for them from your friends on Facebook.

There's generally a greater focus on social play this time, thanks to the new Country Show feature. Here you compete to grow the biggest Cropsie by getting as many stars as possible in each level over a set period of time. You get rewarded with coins for doing so though, so it's worth pursuing even if you don't care about getting the leg up over your friends.

The rest is history

Slight innovations aside, Farm Heroes Super Saga is very much what you've come to expect from a King game, and your milage with it will depend on how tired you are of the formula.

No, it's not original, ground-breaking, or unique, but it's still a lot of colourful and addictive fun. And that's what games are all about, right?

Farm Heroes Super Saga - it's like Farm Heroes Saga...but super

A typical match-three puzzler that echoes the format and successes of its predecessors