Mobigame obtains international trademark for 'Edge' in video games

Langdell down

Mobigame obtains international trademark for 'Edge' in video games
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With the issue of iOS app developers infringing Lodsys's IAP technology hopefully decided through Apple's overnight intervention, welcome resolution to a much longer-running copyright infringement case has been found by one iPhone publisher.

French outfit Mobigame has announced on Twitter that after two years of acrimony and anguish, it now owns the international trademark to the term 'Edge' as used in video games.

If you might recall, notorious IP trademark troll Tim Langdell complained to Apple in July 2009 that Mobigame's puzzle title Edge infringed his claim over the name.

Edge of destruction

As a consequence, Edge was unceremoniously removed from Apple's digital storefront, before reappearing under the moniker EDGY five months later.

A little over a year ago, Edge was readmitted into the App Store with its original appellation, and immediately shot up the charts – aided by the general goodwill and support from the iPhone gaming community.

The news that Mobigame finally has ownership of 'Edge' in a video game context, though, should put paid to any further litigation threat from Langdell and guarantee Edge's continued presence on the App Store.

Edge is available right now as a universal app for £1.79/$2.99/€2.39.