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Drift Legends review - A drifty racing game for motorheads

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Drift Legends review - A drifty racing game for motorheads

Drift Legends is exactly as advertised. If you like zooming around the race track with equal parts reckless abandon and careful skill, this game is sure to please.

That's pretty much all there is to it - you have a limited amount of time to speed around and drift, tires squealing, racking up the points that you'll need to progress.

Legends also offers up a number of drifty challenges for those who prefer doing donuts to head-to-head competition.

Burning rubber Beneath an otherwise shiny facade is a very traditional drift racing game. Drift Legends lets you loose on a number of different tracks as you screech and swerve to rack up points and beat targeted challenges.

Completing these challenges nets you cash to buy new cars, which are in turn required to unlock new challenges.

As the game stands now, players have two game modes to choose from - practice mode, and career mode, which features a number of "leagues", each with their own set of unique missions.

Beginner's League is the only one available at the moment, with three more expected to be added at a later date. Many of the Beginner's League challenges task you with scoring a set number of points within a time limit in exchange for a cash prize.

Racing itself is fun and responsive. You start off with a swerve-happy jalopy, but eventually you can unlock newer, shinier cars.

Each vehicle you unlock handles a bit differently, which keeps things fresh when you have to return to older missions. However, unlocking new cars can be a bit tedious, given the steep jump in price from your first car to the next.

You start off with 10,000 CR (the game’s currency), and the first upgrade will set you back 35,000 CR. With many of the earlier challenges awarding players with 5,000 CR, you might find yourself spending a good deal of time saving up cash by grinding out challenges.

Money aside, the game looks quite nice - the graphics are cutting edge for the mobile platform. With that said, Drift Legends doesn't really break any new ground in terms of gameplay. So much so, in fact, that the game forgoes a tutorial completely.

Race to the finish

If you love drifters, you'll likely get a kick out of Drift Legends, and if you're especially good at them, you might not even mind the steep price increases for car upgrades and new race tracks.

Drift Legends is a fine game that plays well, though gating content with car requirements can turn the experience into a bit of a grind. The fact that only the Beginner's League is available at the moment also makes the game feel a tad unfinished.

If you're especially keen on drift racers, Drift Legends is certainly worth a download. Otherwise, this is a paint-by-numbers racing game with some especially pretty packaging.

Drift Legends review - A drifty racing game for motorheads

This is a capable drifter with few surprises that may get a bit repetitive