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Dragon Quest V
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I never quite know how to approach Square Enix's mobile titles. Sometimes they're fantastic ports of classic games, sometimes there are changes that fans aren't particularly fond of, and sometimes they're All the Bravest.

Dragon Quest V definitely falls into the first category. It's essentially a port of the Nintendo DS version with slightly sharper visuals and a touch interface. Although a couple of common mobile issues are still present.

Definitely an oldie

Dragon Quest V is very much an 'old school' JRPG, which means you can expect hours upon hours of content along with a lengthy story and plenty of grinding for money, loot, and experience.

And because it's a mobile game, you can also expect a few unfortunate problems.

The save system is a little archaic, although thankfully there's a quicksave option hidden in the Tactics menu that will let you save without needing to hike back to a church. Although unfortunately it won't work inside a dungeon.

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for how leaving the game (i.e. hitting the Home button) will force you back to the title screen.

It will automatically generate a quicksave if this happens, but if you're in a dungeon you can kiss all progress made after entering goodbye.

Still definitely a goodie

Hardware headaches aside, Dragon Quest V is very simply a good game. A really good game, actually. It's a classic JRPG through and through, and the handful of concessions made to bring it over to mobile round the package off quite nicely.

If you already have Dragon Quest V, or have played it to death, there won't be much here to convince you to play through again.

However, if you're a JRPG fan who's new to the title (or even the series), you really can't go wrong.

Dragon Quest V

The Nintendo DS port of one of the most beloved classic Dragon Quest games has made the transition to mobile incredibly well. For the most part