Order up! Award-winning Diner Dash now serving Android players as well

What's five years between friends?

Order up! Award-winning Diner Dash now serving Android players as well

Since launching for the PC and Mac in 2003, the saucy time management strategy sim Diner Dash amassed a staggering 700 million total downloads.

A good chunk of these came from iOS, where its Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning port landed back in 2008.

Since that time, Diner Dash served up a few spin-offs and revamped versions but has never crossed over to the world of Android.

That's changed this week, as the free-to-play time management game is now available on Google Play.

Kiss my grits

Diner Dash follows the adventures of Flo, a former stockbroker turned diner waitress who struggles to seat and serve customers as quickly as possible in a quest to earn a large tip.

Most anyone who's worked in the food service industry can sympathize with Flo's madcap juggling act, but Diner Dash makes the chaos fun by tasking players with seating a variety of customers ranging from busy business types to garlic-fearing vampires.

Those interested in picking up Diner Dash can grab the original free-to-play version from Google Play by clicking here or they can invest 99c / 69p in Diner Dash Deluxe.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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