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Have fun learning Arabic and English with Crimson, the award-winning AR-enhanced game

Making learning a second language accessible and enjoyable

Have fun learning Arabic and English with Crimson, the award-winning AR-enhanced game
| Crimson

Crimson, now available for iOS and Android, is a cheerful AR-enhanced educational game that aims to help kids and adults learn basic Arabic and English while serving up plenty of humour and straightforward fun. It comes to us from the up-and-coming Sakura.Jo, a team made up of two incredibly talented teenagers.

Judges at The Big Indie Pitch 2018 in Jordan were hugely impressed with Crimson, awarding it the second place prize. You’ll find it straightforward to start learning colours, shapes, letters, and numbers in either English or Arabic, and it’s all delivered in such a way that anyone will have an easy time getting on board.

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When playing for the first time, you’ll be asked whether you want to start learning English with Rosa or Arabic with Crimson. Rosa the cat asks that you bring her a nice supply of fish, while Crimson the rabbit is looking for some tasty carrots.

Next, you’ll decide which of the 4 categories you’d like to start focusing on: numbers, shapes, colours, or letters. Each level is made up of a handful of short-and-sweet mini-games that do a great job of remaining accessible and clear. It also helps that the game creates a really cheerful atmosphere, with strikingly colourful visuals and lots of friendly narration.

Crimson’s world and levels are also greatly enhanced by Sakura.Jo’s implementation of AR elements. By using your camera, you’ll be able to switch out the game’s pre-made backgrounds for your own, and you can even take selfies with Crimson or Rosa to then share online with friends and family.

So, to take that all-important first step in learning a second language, best head on over to the App Store or Google Play now and give the inventive Crimson a shot.