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Cooking Dash Deluxe

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Cooking Dash Deluxe

Cooking Dash Deluxe has existed for years already.

This is a series whose roots lie in the soil of Java and Flash browser games, and despite the name change this latest entry isn't very different from what's gone before.

Instead of waiting on tables, Cooking Dash Deluxe sees you seating punters along a simple diner-style bar. You'll need to take orders, prepare food, and deliver it to salivating mouths before taking payment and cleaning up any mess.

Each customer is also colour-coded. While this doesn't make the biggest of differences at first, as you move further into the game you'll start seating similar colours in the same places or next to one another to gain multipliers.

Cooking Dash Deluxe quickly ceases to be about time-management and evolves into a game of strategy. You stop thrusting patrons into seats with wild abandon and instead seek out the appropriate seats, albeit as quickly as you can.

Surprisingly enterprising

While the strategy angle is more than entertaining enough, it's good to see that PlayFirst has also given you chance to customise your kitchen and grow your food operation.

Cash obtained through successful service can be re-invested into creating a larger kitchen, powering up yourself or your helper, and expanding the seating area to handle growing demand as you climb through the levels.

You can also progress through 12 cafés, and there's a Challenge mode on the side to push your skills to the limit across each café.

Somewhat irritatingly, even after you've purchased the full version you still technically don't have the full game. Instead you'll have to fork over more money to unlock special restaurants.

That said, there's a lot of content on offer for the low price. The mixed blessing of Cooking Dash Deluxe's repetitive gameplay is that you may well get tired of it before you feel the need to fork out for extra content.

In essence, this isn't too different to what's come before. It's fun in short bursts and an all-round well made entry into the Dash series of games from PlayFirst, but there isn't enough variation here to really make it stand out as a stellar Android title.

Cooking Dash Deluxe

Great for some quick fun on the go, but even the most avid of fans will have a hard time becoming enamoured by Cooking Dash Deluxe
Vaughn Highfield
Vaughn Highfield
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