Claw Stars adds new planets and an in-game friend invite function in its latest update

Claw Stars adds new planets and an in-game friend invite function in its latest update
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Claw Stars has just made adventuring throughout the vastness of space even more exciting with new planets to discover (as if traveling with galaxy-faring hamsters isn't exciting enough). The cute and charming mobile arcade game is adding more gold, more creatures, and more spaceships to build in its latest update.

Fans of Claw Stars can now collect new stamps and go on epic quests in new claw machine spaceships. As you discover more planets throughout your interstellar journey, you can restore the natural habitat of various creatures and rescue local wildlife in a fun and quirky way. Of course, thanks to the giant claw dangling from your spaceship, you can claw for orbs and brace yourself for lots of cool surprises.

These capsules can contain tons of valuable riches and awesome relics from past civilizations, so go ahead and collect to your heart's content as you fill up your vault. In the latest update, you can prep for more space voyages on six new planets you can log on your Stamp Album. Completing the new set rewards you with a new Spaceship. You can also unlock a new floor at home using new blueprints and decors.

Finally, the latest update now lets players add their friends and invite their best buds inside the game itself. You can send coins and claws to help each other out, because clawing through space is always better when you're in good company.

Claw Stars is available to download on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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