Chop Chop Rocket

Even though we've only scratched the surface of the mysteries of space, we're fully aware of the dangers and wonders of the universe.

However, Chop Chop Rocket star Alexis Rocket seems unfazed by such perils as he travels carefree through the galaxy, ignoring all the warnings that science fiction has given us over the years.

Although the latest title in the Chop Chop series is a solid space-themed tilt controlled arcade game, a lack of substance and diversity prevents it from having any lasting appeal.


As the name so cryptically implies, the game lets you guide a rocket through space as far as possible whilst avoiding various obstacles. You control the ship by tilting the iPhone in the desired direction, as in Doodle Jump.

There are two modes - Casual and Hardcore - although they both feature the same aim of achieving as high a score as possible. Points are awarded for travelling as great a distance as possible and by collecting the coins that inexplicably litter the galaxy.

The number of points awarded for distance is dependent on the speed of the rocket. Although increased speed does ramp up the difficulty level, those with good reflexes won't find it insurmountable.

In Hardcore mode, you're able to control your speed by dragging the speed bar on the touchscreen, while more obstacles such as mines and enemy ships attempt to cause damage to your rocket. Power-ups that can destroy objects or repair your ship also feature.

Casual mode is almost identical except that speed gradually increases automatically, the only obstacles threatening your safe passage are asteroids, and there are no power-ups.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

In either case, a turn ends once your rocket receives too much damage, whereupon you're awarded a grade depending on your performance.

Although Chop Chop Rocket isn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination, no amount of polished futuristic visuals and responsive tilt controls can disguise the lack of depth.

Casual mode's simplicity and lack of genuine excitement means that it’s little more than a training ground for Hardcore mode, which itself becomes uninteresting rather quickly.

Those seeking cheap arcade thrills will be well served, but with only one way of playing the game and nothing to unlock or achieve aside from a better high score, others will find their attention waning rapidly.

Chop Chop Rocket

Chop Chop Rocket’s competent presentation and gameplay mechanics are not fleshed out with enough content for it to be considered an essential purchase