Book of Beasts is a beast-collecting CCG full of charm and character

Book of Beasts is a beast-collecting CCG full of charm and character
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We've been chatting with Gbanga about their upcoming strategic, collectable card game Book of Beasts, and it looks set to be one of the next big success stories.

Book of Beasts is a new twist on the collectable card game genre. It has you summon mythical beasts onto a shared battlefield to outwit your opponents, but you're dealing from a deck you've extensively organised. Think of it as a tile-placement game, but with a monster-collection twist. I say tile-placement because each creature has markers on it's top, bottom, left or right-hand side which indicate which effect they will have when (and where) placed.

You won't just be placing the tiles though, there are also ability-style items which can be deployed which will alter gameplay in different ways. 

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Let's rewind for a section now. You'll be collecting the monsters through playing either PVE or PVP battles, with them unlocking as your play count racks up (staggering your learning, which is certainly welcome in games with wide tactical options). The creatures themselves have fantastic artwork, with many of them taking root from mythological creatures that will be familiar to most RPG fans.

Scoring and play in Book of Beasts is incredibly straight forward, with players setting out to match gems on the sides of their tiles in order to score points at the end. There are a few extra strategies in there, like if a single card has more than two sides activated then it will gain extra points too. Further strategies begin to open up as you realise you can move to block your opponents scoring, or can completely build your deck around spells instead of monsters - although it's certainly trickier to score points that way.

Book of Beasts will be launching imminently. It'll be free to play for both Android and AppStore users, and if you pre-register your interest for the betas there you can get yourself some extra in-game gifts.

There's much more information on it over on the game's official website.

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