Wadjet Eye Games is looking to port its entire back catalogue of adventure game across to iOS

Bringing home the gold

Wadjet Eye Games is looking to port its entire back catalogue of adventure game across to iOS

Wadjet Eye Games has become known for its gripping adventure games over the years. But iOS gamers may only be familiar with the Gold Award-winning The Shivah and Gemini Rue.

That should soon change, though, as Wadjet Eye Games is looking to port its entire PC game back catalogue over to iOS.

We found this out after Janet Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games posted a job position on the AGS forums, looking for someone to handle the scripting work for the ports.

Gilbert writes: "We'd like to port our entire back catalog if possible - but it is a lot of work and we want to focus our time on our original games. With a baby daughter we have much less time these days."

Hopefully, we'll have more Wadjet Eye Games to look forward to soon on iOS, then.

Let's take a quick look at what we can expect to see from the New York-based studio...

Primordia Primordia

Primordia is set in the post-apocalypse amid a world of devastated machines. You play Horatio Nullbuilt (voiced by Logan Cunningham, the Narrator in Bastion), who chases down a stolen power core that he needs to survive.

Upon arriving in the vast city of Metropol, Horatio learns of his origins and discovers more about the legendary humans of the past.



Taking on the role of four characters here, you attempt to track down the secret that a recently deceased physicist's invention holds. Hopefully, you can manage it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Resonance features an innovative memory-based system. You use it to piece together environmental clues and question people that you suspect may have further leads regarding your quest.

Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass Da New Guys

You aid wrestling sidekicks Simon and Defender as they attempt to rescue their kidnapped friend and fellow wrestler, Brain.

Brain recently won the title belt, which is presumably why he was kidnapped. You'll find out whether this is the case by delving deeper into this silly adventure game's plot.

The Blackwell series

Blackwell Deception

In the Blackwell series, you follow Rosa Blackwell on her mission to help lost spirits into the afterlife. Usually, there's something evil causing chaos that makes the task much harder than it need be.

Helping Rosa out is the charming and sardonic Joey Mallone, who is a ghost from the 1930s. The Blackwell series includes Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence, and Blackwell Deception.

Wadjet Eye has already confirmed that the last game in the series, Blackwell Epiphany, will be available on iOS (among other platforms) when it's finished.

Puzzle Bots Puzzle Bots

As its name indicates, Puzzle Bots isn't an adventure game like the others. It's actually more of a puzzle game, and it's positively dripping with personality.

You control five robots as they cause mischief after escaping from Dr Hugo's Factory. What they end up stumbling across, though, is a threat to their existence. As such, their mischief gains a purpose and the real trouble starts.

Emerald City Confidential

Emerald City Confidential

Lastly, we have a unique take on the Land of Oz. Emerald City Confidential is a 1940s film noir mystery set around Emerald City.

It has all the hallmarks of classic noir, including femme fatales, grey skies, trenchcoats, and plot twists.

You play a private eye by the name of Petra who tracks down a missing fiancé. Soon, she uncovers a much larger conspiracy.