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Bitcoin Billionaire

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| Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
| Bitcoin Billionaire

First thing's first: my expectations have been somewhat shattered.

I'm not a fan of bitcoins, nor am I a fan of games that only want you to tap on a screen for no other reason than to earn money so you can spend money to earn more money while you tap.

And yet here I am, trying as hard as I can to focus on writing about Bitcoin Billionaire while at the same time desperately wanting to jump back in and tap my screen like an over-caffeinated paint mixer.

Once bitcoined, twice shy

Aside from customising your character and occasionally mucking about in menus, most of your time in Bitcoin Billionaire will be spent tapping the screen.

Every tap earns more bitcoins, and those bitcoins can then be invested to earn more bitcoins per tap or start earning bitcoins even when you don't tap.

There's barely anything to this game but I can't help but check in on it constantly. Not just to tap my way to a new tax bracket, but to invest in more items to earn more bitcoins, and to earn achievements just for the heck of it (also because sometimes they earn me some premium hyperbits).


Noodlecake has tapped into (har, har) something interesting with Bitcoin Billionaire. Not just because of how bizarrely habit-forming it can be but because of how it has approached the free-to-play model.

It's almost backwards - and I don't know if it's going to make the studio any money, but I hope it does because it's so different and unobtrusive.

Essentially, you can earn some extra bitcoins by enabling freemium irritations like banner ads and watching videos - as opposed to paying a premium to remove them.

So rather than shelling out to get rid of features you don't want you have the option of putting up with said features temporarily in order to net yourself some extra cash. Clever.

Bitcoin Billionaire is most certainly a shallow game, but it's a shallow game I can't put down for very long. Some might tire of all the tapping, but those it hooks will have a blast. And as an added bonus, it won't punish them for having fun, either.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is admittedly light on gamey-stuff, but it can be extremely difficult to put down all the same
Rob Rich
Rob Rich
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