Mountain Sheep's Bike Baron does 2 million downloads on iOS

Over 100,000 custom levels created

Mountain Sheep's Bike Baron does 2 million downloads on iOS
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Finnish developer Mountain Sheep is currently a mobile hits machine.

Kicking off with Minigore, it's since gone on to develop the multi-million downloaded Death Rally for Remedy.

And its latest game Bike Baron, created with UK-based Qwiboo, is continuing this trend.

The developer's just announced that after five months, the free and 99c versions have been downloaded over two million times on iOS.

In terms of activity, players have spent a total of 50,000 hours building and sharing over 100,000 custom-made levels.

And there's more

Bike Baron shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, either.

"Our recent level design contest resulted in us hiring the winner to build even more awesome levels for the game," explains Mountain Sheep's Jussi Niemelä.

"New playable characters are on their way and the game was just updated to take full advantage of the new iPad."

In addition, the next update - the eighth, which is promised as the biggest yet - will introduce an earlier version of Bike Baron; 50 years ago when he was known as the Young Ace.

[source: Mountain Sheep]