C4M give us the lowdown on real-time strategy title Battleplans as it lands for Android

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C4M give us the lowdown on real-time strategy title Battleplans as it lands for Android

On June 30th, the popular real-time strategy title will be arriving in Google Play ready for the Android audience, following its iOS release last month. We interviewed C4M CEO, Mathieu Castelli, to get the info on the coming release.

battleplans-android-mobile-game-pocket-gamer What aspects of the game do you believe players will most enjoy?

"Our iOS players tell us it’s the tactical depth of the gameplay and the total freedom to be creative. They like the vastness of the number of situations our game enables, through player-created defence plans, and the ease of interaction on the mobile screen."

Are there any significant differences between the iOS and Android version of the game?

"Actually, none (Thank you, Unity). Of course, the version coming to Android is the very newest version, and that will include all the improvements we’ve made since the iOS release, and a new character, the Huntress Taigar. But iOS players will also receive these updates during the same timeframe."

How has the Android version benefitted from launching slightly later than the iOS version?

"The data from the iOS launch was very valuable. We’ve made a lot of tweaks to improve the early player experience, both in in terms of difficulty and requirements. There is more freedom in hero progression as well as more freedom in selecting the first heroes (we used to set 4 heroes and let the player chose the 5th - now, the player chooses the 4th hero as well).

Of course, like any developer would tell you, there are a lot of things we still want to improve. We work on it every day."

battleplans-mobile-game-pocket-gamer Will you be bringing out future updates for both iOS and Android versions?

"Yes, apart from adding an additional hero every month, we'll be bringing teams, team events, solo events, and campaign extensions to Battleplans. The gameplay is very flexible, and can be pushed in all directions.

The kinds of additions we’ll be making will only increase the strategic depth of the title. And of course we’ll be updating iOS and Android in tandem, barring any unforeseen circumstances."

Do you have plans to bring the game to any other platforms in the future?

"We don’t currently have anything to announce about release on other platforms. We’re just very excited to see mobile gamers enjoying the game and look forward to bringing more great content to the title in the coming weeks and months."

You can find Battleplans on Android in the Google Play store from June 30th.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.c4m.battleplans&hl=en