NaturalMotion hooks up with KFC for chicken strut version of Backbreaker

American Football game breadcrumbed, deep fried

NaturalMotion hooks up with KFC for chicken strut version of Backbreaker

With over one million downloads of the free version of NaturalMotion's excellent Backbacker game to-date, and around one million downloads of the full 99c version, it's clear the iPhone, iPad and now Android tackle box game has satisfied audience's appetites.

And for the next month, appetites are definitely the focus, thanks to a tie-up with KFC as enabled by mobile media engagement experts 4INFO's Butter Solutions.

Family bucket

This sees an all new Lite version of the game gain access to Facebook integration, an email bragging system and dedicated leaderboards - as seen on the paid version - plus 10 specially selected waves of defenders,

But demonstrating the Colonel's sense of humour, when you complete a touchdown in these levels, your player will do a special KFC-themed signature chicken touchdown dance and strut.

Available for a couple of day, the new free version has already seen a finger lickin' 500,000 downloads.

"We're glad to be able to provide users with additional free content and functionality, thanks to our sponsorship relationship with 4INFO's Butter Solutions and KFC," said Torsten Reil, NaturalMotion CEO.

"Brand sponsorships of successful iPhone apps offer incredible reach, creating new opportunities for content providers, brands, and audiences alike."