Idle Ghost Hotel is a brand new simulator where players can run their own hotel for ghosts with simple taps. It is developed by 4th May Games, which specializes in the genre.

About the game

Idle Ghost Hotel will see players serving a variety of ghost guests in their hotel in a bid to earn a bigger profit. Each guest will have distinct requests, and players will have to satisfy them. Guests who enjoyed their stay will also leave a good tip. The players can also hire a manager to receive extra assistance.

Game features

The objective is to expand the hotel upwards by spending their profits. The cost of expansion and the interior’s quality will increase substantially as players reach higher floors. Reaching them will also mean more guests and profits.

A restaurant will also be a part of the game where players can cook delicious cuisines to satisfy their ghost guests. Similar types of desserts can also be merged to create new varieties. Ghost guests can also relax in their rooms and use different facilities like a spa, gym, dance hall, cafe, and many more.

Idle Ghost Hotel also offers a lot of equipment that will help in managing the hotel. Detailed information regarding guests and managers can also be accessed so you can more easily tend to their needs. Besides the presence of ghosts, Idle Ghost Hotel will also have zombies that players will need to clear away to earn gems.

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Final Words

Idle Ghost Hotel has a wide variety of elements that make it engaging and enjoyable. It is also designed with many comical aspects to raise a smile.

The idea of adding zombies is also a clever decision, and it also results in another dimension of characters being present. Idle Ghost Hotel is a fun title that delivers from a gaming and entertainment perspective.

The early access version of Idle Ghost Hotel is now available to download from Google Play.

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