Battle of Satria Dewa is a brand new 3v3 MOBA that sees players competing in thrilling life and death battles where they will play as legendary heroes from the Mahabharata in their quest for victory.

Game features

Battle of Satria Dewa will see players involved in 3v3 fights. The Mahabharata-inspired characters are a modern interpretation. Players will have to master the control points of the game to emerge as the winner in their battles.

The makers of Battle of Satria Dewa have designed the game's controls simply and intuitively. A simple two-finger playing system has been developed where players will only need to use the joystick on the left to move characters and the buttons on the right to make moves.

Preparation will be an important component before each battle. Therefore, proper strategizing with other team members will be essential to triumph over opponents. Players will have the option to change the skills of their characters to suit their style.

Battle of Satria Dewa will also allow players to add their friends so they can team up even earn special gifts.

Battle of Satria Dewa launch

Battle of Satria Dewa's early access version is currently only available for Indonesian Android users, who can download it from Google Play. At the moment, there are no details regarding a global release date.

Final words

By giving a modern twist to the Historical heroes of the Mahabharata, the makers of Battle Satria Dewa have successfully integrated various aspects from the past and present to provide players with an entertaining experience.

The simplified control mechanisms is another big highlight that promises an easy gaming experience for beginners, and it also helps make the game more appropriate for long playing sessions.

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