The zombie apocalypse is now a little bit closer with Undying, Skystone Games and Vanimals' narrative survival game. Heading into Steam Early Access on October 19th, the gorgeous-looking title invites players to dive into a rich and evocative story set in a terrifying zombie apocalypse.

In Undying, players will follow the tragic tale of Anling and Cody as they do whatever it takes to survive the hordes of zombies out in the world. They must fight their way against a ticking clock - the mother must race against time to prepare her son to survive before she becomes a zombie herself.

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The survival features of the game include your typical scavenging for supplies and crafting makeshift tools, but what adds another level of emotion to the title is the idea that Anling and Cody are spending their last few days together. The end-of-the-world vibes are mixed with some deep emotional elements - can you make hope bloom in the midst of the growing darkness and ensure that Cody learns the necessary skills to survive?

The game also features a top-down view with a real-time day and night cycle, as well as a player-generated world map. The roguelike elements boost replayability, and the soundtrack adds to the atmosphere of the low poly title.

Undying will finally be playable on Steam Early Access on October 19th ahead of its launch on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, XBOX and PlayStation. If you're eager to know more about the game, you can visit the official website, or join the community of followers over on the official Facebook page. You can also have a chat with the community over on the official Discord channel.

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