Battle Legende is a brand new multiplayer strategy card game where players will compete against each other in real-time 1vs1 battles. It is said to be based on an FPS universe and will also have a no holds barred style of gameplay. Players will be required to make the best decks and use the right strategies to emerge victorious.

Game features

Battle Legende will have a global community that allows players to compete with other people worldwide in their quest to reach the toughest league. They will also have the option to add their companions and challenge them in two specially designed game modes.

Battle Legende also guarantees a plethora of rewards and gifts for players. In addition to receiving gems and gold coins, winners of battles will also be rewarded with prestigious trophies that will help solidify them as the real champion. Players will eventually be able to unlock the rarest legendary cards, which could prove crucial during the most difficult challenges.

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The makers of Battle Legende have designed it to be attractive to fans of different genres. The presence of a global community and game modes made specially to compete with friends are additions that enhance its social aspect, which helps players interact with others.

The inclusion of unlockable items, rewards, gems, and trophies are a common sight that we see in most games today, and it might not be something that is praiseworthy anymore, but they are undoubtedly features that are always going to help Battle Legende be more competitive and exciting.

The one feature in Battle Legende that seems noteworthy and deserving of praise, however, is the idea of the makers to integrate an FPS-style aspect into the 1vs1 card gameplay of the title. It is a unique feature that adds a new dimension and provides it with something that is different from the rest of the games to enjoy.

Battle Legend is available to download on Google Play.

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