Raventurn Games' new title, Real Coaster: Idle Game lets you fulfill your childhood dream of building a theme park. It allows you to create a world full of miraculous rides and roller coasters where you can try them whilst becoming a park tycoon. The game has just been released and is now available for iOS.

About Real Coaster: Idle Game

Real Coaster: Idle Game features 3D graphics and allows you to build, upgrade and ride your favourite roller coaster. In Real Coaster: Idle Game, you will build new rides, upgrade them, maintain and manage them and unlike other games, here you can also take a 3D ride of the theme park attractions that you build.

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While on the rides, you can also switch between multiple camera angles, making it feel a bit more realistic. If you are a roller coaster enthusiast and into theme parks, you might have a good time playing this game.

Real Coaster: Idle Game can also be enjoyed offline, meaning you can literally play it anywhere and wherever you want. The objective is to keep the customers that visit the theme park happy; if they are satisfied with their visit, they will even give you a tip that will help you quickly upgrade your theme park.

Final Words

Real Coaster: Idle Game is a good pick for anyone who wants to create their own world full of rides and roller coasters. Casual gamers who like business tycoon games can also give it a try.

Interested players can download the game from the App Store. Unfortunately, there is no news about an Android version at the moment.

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