Racing Xperience, a new mobile racing game from Beniamin Mazilu (BMZ Games), is out now on iOS following its release on Android. Featuring realistic racing physics, the game lets players drift, drag, and speed off into the distance in over 115 cars they can customize to their liking.

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In Racing Xperience, players can customize the supercar of their dreams down to the very last detail with performance upgrades, rim paints, car wraps, carbon spoilers, and so much more. The game also features free-roam maps you can cruise through whether you're hill climb drifting or just chugging along in your SUV.

The hyper-realistic title also immerses players in every race with dynamic weather conditions and realistic mechanical damage, adding new challenges for racers more than just beating your opponent's time. There are also different game modes to tinker around with, which includes the Career mode where you can buy and sell cars and unlock new tracks throughout your racing career.

On the other hand, the Quick Race mode lets you master the tracks in your own time and with your preferred difficulty, while the Practice mode lets you enhance your driving skills and test your speed down the highway.

Racing Xperience is now available to download on Google Play and on the App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and in-game ads, and features wireless controller compatibility.