There’s no doubt that the game rewards you handsomely after you complete any of the Bloons TD 6 achievements. But are you searching for secret achievements to grab even more rewards? This article will tell you everything about them, so make sure to read it to the end.

Bloons TD 6 is a hit tower defence title that was released for both Android and iOS in 2018. In this game, you’ll have to take down balloons with the help of towers and multiple artillery.

In addition to that, you can upgrade them once you have collected enough in-game coins and items. It also has numerous heroes with special abilities that can be deployed while defending your area from enemy invasion.

What are hidden achievements in Bloons TD 6?

These are a set of achievements that aren’t found in the tasks or menu section of the game. This section can be unlocked after you have completed certain tasks and met specific requirements.

List of secret achievements in Bloons TD 6

Big Bloon

Players must complete and win 10 games with Pat Fusty to collect the Big Bloon achievement.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy

When defending your area, use Bloon Master Alchemist and deal 900,000 damage before reaching round 100. Once you complete the secret achievement, you will be rewarded with the Small Bloon Option.

Josh’s Constant

Compete in the expert map and set the difficulty to CHIMP. Make sure you spend $40,870 on a spike factory to get the reward.

Strangely Adorable

Want to get the Sun Avatar? Craft a Vengeful True Sun God and place a Level 20 Adora inside the territory.

Golden Ticket

When taking up this hidden achievement, the game will randomly send Monkey Loomps in the Candy Fall. You have to align them in the correct order and remember to tap on them quickly as each tap counts.

Mo Heroes, Mo Problem

To get rewarded with the Insta-Monkey achievement, complete the task without using any heroes from the Mo Heroes, Mo Problem list.

Chunky Monkeys

To complete this secret achievement, set the difficulty level to medium or higher. You can then get a Big Monkey reward by winning ten games with towers that have big footprints.

Stubborn Strategy

This secret achievement might sound a bit tricky but it’s actually a lot of fun. In this task, players have to win 100 games by removing obstacles without displacing them. Rewards included in this are Monkey Money and 3X Rewards.

Bill Greates

To get the 5x Cash Drop reward, you have to send $500,000 to an ally. But, it’s not that simple. To send this amount, you need to have $25,00,000 in your in-game account first.


Tackle the enemy balloons with only two monkey towers. You can use your favourite weapons and any type of booster. You can claim two Monkey Knowledge and Summon Phoenix by completing it.

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