X.D. Network's Muse Dash is delivering a smashing surprise for players with its Muse Dash X Touhou Project collaboration event. The funky action rhythm game will bring a new playable character into the fray, along with elements of Gensokyo plus a special Touhou music pack. Players can also expect three special graphics in the latest update.

Developed by PeroPeroGames and published by XD Inc., Muse Dash brings electrifying energy and a burst of colour into mobile screens with its fast-paced rhythms and technicolor moves. Its recent crossover events with other games in the genre include Groove Coaster, Cytus II, and Rhythm Doctor. This time around, players can experience feel-good vibes and bop their heads to the beat with the latest music pack, Touhou Mugakudan.

This features seven signature tracks which include Bad Apple!! by ZUN. Fan-favorite Shrine Maiden Reimu Hakurei will be featured as a playable character, with a new welcome screen animation and loading screen illustrations to keep in sync with the collab event's aesthetics. Additionally, players who own the lifetime DLC pass Just As Planned will be rewarded with an exclusive music pack called Just As Planned PLUS containing four new tracks.

Finally, from September 30th to October 11th, Muse Dash will be available at 80% off on Steam and 70% off on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can engage in some adrenaline-pumping musical mayhem no matter what your device is, so if you're eager to give the game a go, there's definitely no better time than now.

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