Nexon Co Ltd. has announced that they will be providing global publishing support for the game HIT2 that has been developed by their subsidiary NAT GAMES Co., Ltd.

A short form of Heroes of Incredible Tales, HIT2 is the sequel to Nat Games’ HIT, which achieved a lot of success back in 2016. HIT was a hack and slash MMORPG game for mobiles built on Unreal 4 Engine. It boasted a detailed world with high quality graphics. Featuring fast-paced action, the game had over 100 unique levels where players fought against monsters and bosses, using numerous skills like blocking, dodging and counter attacking. The story focussed on saving the world from the God of Chaos. Players could use one of four classes - Anika (Scythe), Lucas (Dual Swords), Kiki (Magical Staff), or Hugo (Greatsword) who are all unique in terms of combat.

HIT also allowed for real-time co-op with up to four players who could team up and fight menacing bosses and be rewarded with tonnes of rewards, skills, and enchantments. Other additional modes included Tower of Trials and Sanctuary. Heroes of Incredible Tales amassed over 25 million downloads, won prizes at the Korea Game Awards and was rated among the top performing games globally.

HIT ran for a good three years before the servers were shut down for good in 2019. But fans of the game have reason to rejoice because Nat Games is recreating HIT. They have been developing the game under the working title Project XH. HIT2 will be built on the original HIT’s IP that was optimized for PC and mobile. The game will be based in the same fantasy world but expanded to become more vast than it already is.

We currently do not have any official information about HIT2 except that it is being developed and will be published once again by Nexon. Stay tuned for further HIT2 updates right here!

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