Match & Defense: Match 3 game is a brand new title that combines match-3 puzzles, defense, and bastion building. The game is developed by GreatTeam Game Studio, which is known for its popular 50 rooms escape series.

About the game

Match & Defense: Match 3 game will see players enter a world filled with magic, danger, and fantasy, along with treasures. With several tasks in their hands, players will become King in a new Kingdom. Players will then have to perform several duties like building their own bastion to defend from the dark side while sending their army to explore the fantasy world for treasures and taking over lands.

Game features

Match & Defense: Match 3 game will include real-time battles in the form of class match-3 puzzles that are casual and simple but still require proper strategies. Players will also have to recruit soldiers and heroes during these battles to fight invading enemies. The game will also allow players to build kingdoms that can eventually be used for collecting resources and forming an army.

Other prominent features include the option to choose from hundreds of heroes with different skills and styles and the presence of amazing graphics filled with special effects.

Final Words

Match & Defense: Match 3 game offers the players a gameplay style that is not too complex but at the same time tests the intelligence of players, which makes it a uniquely engaging experience. The ability to build kingdoms and choose from hundreds of different heroes adds a lot to the game in terms of customization and selection options. The addition of special effects to its fine graphics enhances the visual quality of the game as well.

Match & Defense: Match 3 game is an entertaining game that delivers on several aspects. Interested players can download Match & Defense: Match 3 game from Google play.

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