Ultimate Rivals: The Court is the basketball version of the popular UR series which grew with the launch of The Rink, the series' hockey game. An exclusive to Apple Arcade, The Court allows you to hoop it up in three-on-three matches, similar to what we've seen in the old NBA Street games. 

The major difference, however, is that, instead of just playing with NBA and WNBA stars, you can play with athletes from other professional leagues including FIFA, the NFL, and MLB. This makes for quite a spectacle when you see someone like Khalil Mack of the Chicago Bears playing basketball with American Football equipment on. 

It's a fun game that also reminds me a bit of NBA Jam with the fast-paced gameplay and epic dunks as well as special powers. Today, we're going to focus on the offensive side of the ball and give you a few tips on how to put the ball through the net. Scoring for the most part is pretty easy, but you have to keep a few factors in mind.